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"Matthew Ernst has been a fantastic personal trainer.  I liked him so much after my first set of sessions that I signed up for another set.  His enthusiasm for his work has motivated me to exercise on my own.  The results that we’ve had with Kettlebells have been amazing.  My body has gotten really strong in 12 weeks and I’ve lost 10 lbs!  The results have been great but the best is the confidence that Matt has given me throughout this time that I find the most rewarding.  With Matt’s sense of caring and positive attitude, I feel that he’s given me a gift to like exercise again and like myself.  Matt, thank you so much!" - Doris V.


"Dear Matt, let me start by saying thanks.  Thank you for being an awesome trainer.  You’ve inspired me to get back to the man I use to be, and the man I want to be.  First I thought I didn’t need a trainer, now I realized I did.  With your help I now have the strength and courage to push myself even further.  I feel the difference already, and I see it as well.  I will spread the word!  Thanks again."                                      - Damien H.

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"It was sheer luck I was partnered with Matt after signing on and purchasing a number of personal training sessions.  During the initial session he set me at ease with his calm demeanor.  During my sessions he has guided, encouraged and motivated me to push myself further than I have ever done before.  He has offered up the perfect combination and tone of professionalism, good spirit and know-how you rarely if ever find - even in the most experienced staff, regardless of the job.  Even more unique for someone at the start of his career, is his level of responsibility.  He consistently goes above and beyond taking proactive steps to ensure I am on track between our sessions.  It is refreshing to work with someone who identifies and sets expectations, delivers on what they said they would do, and clearly enjoys their job and chosen career path.

Matt has provided the tools and solid foundations I need to continue on this journey.  I’ve met the initial goal to lose 30 lbs thanks to his support and guidance.  Now, I am moving on and have the next level in sight.  With his expertise, I am confident I’ll continue to see results and enjoy the road to getting there." - Sarah S.

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"I've lost 30 directly from working out with Matt.  His training knowledge lets me do many different workouts. We may run, cross train, train with kettle bells; I always get a great, personalized workout. I can say this without hyperbole--you won't get a better bang for your buck. I've recommended him to countless friends.  But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding. I've lost 30 pounds."                            -Andy N.

"Words cannot express how I feel about Matt Ernst as a personal trainer.  I have worked out with many personal trainers in the past but I have met someone as good as Matt.  He’s so nice and caring.  When I came to Matt I told him the areas I would like to work on the most.  The first thing he told me was if you do what I tell you, you will meet your goals.  In less than three months, I was able to see results.  One of the things I like most about Matt is his ability to challenge his clients.  In every session we’ve done a variety of activities.  although the Kettlebells weren’t my favorite, I now love Kettlebells.  Matt is affectionately known as the “Hitler” because of his intense workouts.  After a training session with Matt I felt stronger and more energetic.  I saw a difference in my weight loss and strength.  Prior to Matt becoming my personal trainer, I recall when he corrected my improper use of an elliptical.  That’s when I knew Matt loved helping people.  Matt is a great person and awesome trainer and he will keep you focused." - Roselyn J.

"I have trained with Matt Ernst for a year.  Matt is a true professional who is passionate about physical fitness.  He pushes me to do my best with encouragement and humor, and he explains the purpose of each exercise.  Matt is knowledgeable about many types of exercises so that each session is different and challenging.  Given my time constraints, Matt usually trains me for a half hour.  With Matt’s half hour sessions, I get a better workout than when I exercise myself for a full hour.  Matt also give me advice on nutrition and good eating habits.  I have worked with other trainers and I can honestly say that Matt is one of the best!"                                    - Jolinda L.

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"Enthusiasm, dedication, a positive attitude and drive are only a few of the many great qualities that Matthew Ernst displayed while working with me at NYSC.  Without a doubt, he has been the greatest personal trainer I have ever worked with.  Before I began training with Matt, I had a goal of getting in shape for my senior prom.  From day one, Matt had been supportive, and was determined to help me achieve my goal of looking amazing for my big day.  After only a few weeks, I began to not only see physical results but emotional differences as well.  I had begun to feel better about myself by the way I was starting to look.  Matt motivated me to push myself past my limit.  He never let me give up.  That was what I believe distinguished Matt from every other trainer I have ever worked with. Matt didn’t let me quit.  I was able to finally unlock my potential, and Matt was the key!" - Mackenzie F.

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- Thank you all for your kind words.  It was a pleasure working with each and every one of you!

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